Park Your Wheels

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The attraction of Park Your Wheels

The gameplay

Participate in Park Your Wheels to complete the challenging mission. The game requests you to park all cars in the marked place and avoid hitting others.

Parking is not as easy as you imagine. In the game, there are a lot of messy cars. You need to park correctly in the marked locations. Each vehicle will have a different parking location. You can rely on their lines to know the position. However, when you park the cars, you may block the following cars. As a result, they will cause accidents. You need to consider the parking order of the cars to be able to park correctly.

The game offers tough puzzles. You need to brainstorm to solve this problem. Parking in this game will help you train. Are you ready to solve the puzzle? There are many fascinating challenges waiting for you. Join this game now.


To control the cars, you will use the mouse. Click the left mouse button in the car, then they will move automatically according to their line. You need to consider the parking order to pass the level.

Some tactics to pass the level in Park Your Wheels

If you want to complete the level, you need to come up with some strategies. You also follow some tips below. First, you will have to observe the parking lines and locations. You need to anticipate the worst possible scenarios. After deliberation, you will park the cars in turn. Second, if you fail, do not worry. You can replay the game until you can pass. You can draw valuable lessons after failing. In addition, you must focus on your limited time. You do not have time to finish the mission. You have to be quick. Make an effort to win.