Pipe Flow Free

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About Pipe Flow Free

Kill time with an addictive puzzle game which is Pipe Flow Free. Match two head pipes with the same color together and connect all the pipes to move to level up.

With some simple clicks and interesting rules, you may be a big fan of this game. In the game, you will see many head pipes. You need to connect pipes which has the same color to create a perfect pipe. To connect them, use your mouse or finger to slide from this head pipe to another head pipe. After that, keep going with other pipes. When you finish a pipe, the color light will appear. You can not connect 2 pipes with different colors to each other. At that time, you must try to connect that pipe again. 2 pipes with different colors can not cross each other. Therefore, sometimes, you need to retry many times to get perfect pipes. This game has many levels. After finishing a level, you can explore the next levels. Think carefully and use your skillful fingers to beat the game. Besides, you can be into Pushing Blocks which is also an amazing puzzle game.

Appealing levels

This game has a variety of levels. You need to overcome 60 levels to beat the game. Each level will have distinctive challenges and difficulties. You need to finish a level to move to the next level. The pipes in the game will be increased and more complex after the first levels. If you get stuck, you can click on the restart button to retry the level again.