Pizza Maker

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Summary Pizza Maker

Show off your cooking skills in a cooking game which is Pizza Maker. Click on the ingredients to choose and follow the instructions to create delicious Pizzas.

This game will let you know if you have the ability to become a chef. Firstly, you need to take an order at the order counter. After that, continue with the steps of choosing cakes, seasoning, molding cakes, adding toppings, and baking cakes. Follow the instructions exactly to get the perfect pizza. After completing the steps, give it to the customer. The game will give you interesting experiences in creating a pizza.

Remarkable factors in Pizza Maker

The main stages in creating a pizza will include preparing and cooking. Choose a dough, mold, shape, process, and choose ingredients in tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, basil, and pepperoni for preparation. After that, you will have to bake the cake. Until the cake turns brown, you can take it. The pizza is mixed with melted cheese and other ingredients. Looks delicious.