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Useful information about Plants

The rules of the game

Experience a new version of plants and zombies which is Plants. Plant a lot of plants and trees defeat your enemies and move on to the next level.

If you feel bored with Plants and Zombies, this new version will blow your mind. Your house is attacked by monsters. Therefore, prepare for you a plant army to defeat the attack of your enemies. Follow the instructions to start the game. To create your plant army, you need to collect energy. Each Splash Flower will generate 50 energy. Plant the Splash Flower to produce it. After you collect enough energy, use it to plant the defense plant to fight against the pudding monsters. Each green defense plant requires 100 energy to plant. You need to wait a short time to plant more plants. If you earn enough 35 energy, you can use the magical skill. In emergency situations, you can use the Magic in the bottom right corner. Clear all your monsters in a short time. Monsters can eat your plant when they come close. If you let them get close to your house or come into your house, you will lose. You can unlock many new plants and monsters if you level up. Your enemies will increase after each level. Defeat all of them to move to the next level. There are many levels for you to play. Rember that you also can remove your plant with the shovel in the right corner. You will have 3 stars if you can protect your house perfectly. Use the most reasonable strategies and deal with the waves of your monsters. Can you become the victor or surrender in front of these dangerous monsters? You also can refer to Terraria which will make you interested.

How to play


Use your mouse to play

Mobile phone

Hold or tap on your screen to play

Interesting things about Plants

2 factions in the game

This game will have 2 main factions consisting of plants and monsters. Some prime plants in the game will be the Splash Flower, a green defense plant, a potato, a red dragon fruit, a blue grape, the corpse flowers, and so on. In particular, the Splash Flower can generate energy. You can take it with 50 energy. A green defense plant can be used with 100 energy. They can attack and shoot your opponents in the long distance. A potato can prevent the step of monsters for a short time. Red dragon fruit can explode many monsters in a small range. Blue grapes can slow down the step of enemies while corpse flowers can eat pudding monsters near them. The monsters are also so varied such as yellow pudding, green pudding, bullhead, or flyer. Some of them just move slowly, but others can jump, or even fly. They can eat your plant in a short distance. The higher you level up, the more crowded the monsters will be.

All the levels

There are 25 levels with intensified difficulty in the game. At a higher level, you need to deal with many stronger monsters. Therefore, you need to use your effective strategies and buy new plants to defeat your enemies. You also can unlock more plants and monsters after finishing each level.