Rabbids Volcano Panic

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The overview of Rabbids Volcano Panic

The game rules

Rabbids Volcano Panic is a multiplayer running game where you can compete with random others. You must be the last to fall down the lava to win.

The game gives you a lot of challenges. Are you the best runner in the game? Your first task is to run around the platform. There will be many platforms with many tiles. You and others will run around it and avoid gaps. These gaps appear when characters run too many times on the tiles. They will become collapsing tiles. You need to dodge them so as not to fall immediately to the bottom platform. Try to stay on the platform as long as possible.

Your second task is to collect coins. While dodging the collapsing tiles, you need to outrun your opponent to collect the gold coins. Collecting them will help you get more eye-catching characters. The running speed of new characters will also be better. They will help you pass gaps and collapsing tiles easily.

Finally, you have to collect items in the boxes. They will bring you many benefits. Be careful to win the game. Can you become the last to stay on the platforms?


Hold and drag the left mouse button to run.

The arrow keys to move.

ESC to exit full screen.

Some beneficial items on Rabbids Volcano Panic

As you know, special items in the boxes are all power-ups. You can collect them to be able to last longer on the platform. If you are the first to fall into the lava, you will not be able to level up. You need to watch out for the collapsing tiles and gaps.

When you gather the items, they can help you fly in a short time. Then, you can avoid a lot of collapsing tiles and gaps. In addition, the chilies can support your character's speed. You can use them to dodge the gaps. There are many kinds of items. You can get and explore them.