Rob A Robber

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Interesting information about Rob A Robber

The principles of the game

Get ready to join incredible adventures in Rob A Robber. Sneak into rich buildings to rob and try to avoid all the corrupt guards to complete the tasks.

This game will bring you fun moments and awesome experiments by its basic rules. You will become a robber in this game. You need to control him to move and rob from the rich house to other rich houses. To start the game, you will read a short story. In the game, you need to read some notes stuck on the wall. Then, follow the notes to complete all the main tasks in the game. You can click the up arrow key or spacebar key to complete the task. You can get some extra things besides the main tasks. You can find them by searching the boxes on the right. Move from this floor to other floors to go to the yellow arrow place. To avoid being caught, you need to avoid obstacles such as cameras or lasers and hide in the dark. Sometimes, you need to knock out the security guard, disable the camera or disable the trap. In some doors, you will have a code lock. Therefore, find the code lock to open the door. You can not escape the house if you were caught. You can replay if you get stuck. If you find out the extra things and complete all tasks, you can move to the next level. There are 5 levels for you to overcome. After each level, you will receive an amount of money. Try to complete the level in a short time to get more money. You can engage in Slope Bike 2 which also brings you a wonderful time.

How to play

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

  • Computer:

Press the ARROW keys or WASD keys to move

Press the W key or the UP ARROW to read and do the task

Use your mouse to play

Remarkable things about Rob A Robber

All the levels

You can conquer five levels in this game. Each level will have its own terrains and maps including a barn, a jewelry store, a house, a bar, and a casino. You can move to the next level when you finish a level. Each level will have some tasks which are noted on the wall. At higher levels, the house will be bigger and you have more tasks to do. You can gain some trophies and money after each level.

Obstacles of the game

To beat the game, you need to overcome obstacles such as cameras, traps, dogs, security robots, security guards, police, bodyguard, butler, and so on. Each obstruction will have its own characteristics. If you were caught by them, you need to retry the game.