Rocket Road

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About Rocket Road

The game rules

Welcome to Rocket Road where you can control a ball in outer space. You must fly through the same color balls while avoiding many obstacles.

In space, there is an extremely dangerous path. You need to conquer this road. First, you need to control your space ball. It can fly over a lot of obstacles. You need to be careful to avoid them. Move flexibly to be able to go as far as possible. You will proceed to a strange new universe. The further you go, the more points you get. Raise your score through plays. You will become the player with the most impressive score.

In addition, the game also requires you to go over balls of the same color as your space ball. If you collide with other balls, you lose. Your ball also exchanged the color after going over the checkpoint. Let's focus on it.


You will use the mouse to navigate your character. Additionally, you can use arrow keys to help the ball dodge the obstacles. Press the left arrow key to turn left. You can turn right when pressing the right arrow key.

The feature of Rocket Road

The game has many roads. You will have to achieve the specified score to be able to complete your mission. When you move to the following road, you will face a lot of obstacles. Moreover, your ball's speed will increase. You must react quickly to be able to avoid obstacles that appear suddenly. Try to hone your skills if you want to win.

The game is suitable for everyone. It is a great entertainment game that allows you to have moments of relaxation. You can comfortably play the game until you break your own record. How many points can you get in this game?