Rope Ninja

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Some things about Rope Ninja

The game rules

Participate in Rope Ninja to jump across platforms with the Ninja character. The game lets you jump over many platforms by tying the birds and swinging.

Welcome to the exciting game with the character Ninja. Your task in this game is to control your Ninja character to swing across as many platforms as possible. You need to seize the opportunity to avoid falling down. If you fail, you will not be able to continue the game. Also, if you want more points, you are forced to jump over as many platforms as possible. Your highest score will be recorded.

When playing the game, you will realize that the way Ninja swings through the platforms is very special. It will use a rope tied to the small bird. Take advantage of the birds to be able to jump over the platforms. You need to pay attention to catch the birds in front.

Some tactics and tips to win

It can be said that Ninja's swing also causes many difficulties. You may miss the birds, which is why you fall. You need to observe before releasing the rope. Click on the birds so the rope can tie them correctly. You should release the left mouse button to drop. It is best if you can fall into the platforms. You need to pay attention to them to avoid any accidents.

Some traits of Rope Ninja

The game brings you an endless adventure. You can go as far as possible based on your strength. You can also gain more experience when playing this game. Try to go as far as possible.

This mission will also help you practice skills and many other abilities. If you want to show off your skills, you should join the game. Everyone will have a fantastic time playing there. Good luck.