Run Rich 3D

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Brief about Run Rich 3D

The rules of the game

Become a wealthy person in a 3D game which is Run Rich 3D. Move to choose the best life choices to earn much money and become richer to go to the endpoint.

With a similar mechanic to Lifetime Run, this game is so easy for you to control. Guide your character to move on the road and make the wisest decisions. At the begging of the game, you will transform into a poor girl or a beggar. You must change yourself into a richer person or get a better life standard. Choose the best conditions for your life such as money, education, or work. On your way, it is not always easy for you to achieve everything you want. Therefore, sometimes you have to spend some money on food or clothes. To become rich, you have to make choices that are best for you. After each level, you will receive an amount of money. You can use your money to receive supported items.

Developer and platform

This game was developed by YAD.com. It was released on November 8th, 2021. You can play it on both mobile devices and desktops such as laptops, computers, or phones.

Notes about Run Rich 3D

A variety of levels

This game is an endless adventure. You need to pass through a level to qualify for the next one. Each level will bring you a distinctive road and challenge. The level will be finished when you are a rich woman and go to the finish line. There are several scales for your character including beggar, poor girl, decent man, rich man, and millionaire. You can only pass the level if you reach the level of a decent person or higher.

Supported items

You have 3 supported items in the game including initial treasures, reduced prices, and earning increases. With initial treasures, you can't become a beggar at the beginning of the game. You can reduce the risk of losing money with temptations thanks to reduced prices. You can earn more money with earning increases. Try to get as many good choices as possible.

Choices in the game

In your life road and in this game, you also need to make a lot of decisions and choices. You can see money, bags of clothes, bills, hamburgers, alcohol, jewelry cabinets, boys, and so on. Your job is to choose which option is good for you. You will lose money with bags of clothes, unit prices, hamburgers, alcohol, jewelry cabinets, and boys while you can boost your finances through money. Besides, you also have to make a decision between two attractive options such as partying or studying and surfing the internet or working. Make the smartest choices to become a rich woman or a millionaire.

The daily rewards and the lucky wheel

Return to the game daily you will get daily rewards. Every day you will receive 50 coins. On the seventh day, you will get 300 coins. Besides, you can boost your coins by spinning the wheel in the lucky wheel. The cash values in the lucky spin are different. Therefore, try your luck for the highest money.