Save The Duck

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The gameplay of Save The Duck

Save The Duck is an outstanding puzzle game. To move to the following level, your rubber duck must be dropped into the tub without falling out.

Your rubber duck is stuck on high platforms. You need to make your duck fall into the tub. Do you have any strategy to complete this mission?

Your task sounds simple but it is not what you imagine. You can only use the faucet to navigate your character. You will use the power of water to be able to make it move. So you cannot control it directly.

In addition, you will probably have the wrong times. The water can cause your rubber duck to be thrown out. If it falls to the ground or gets stuck, you cannot complete the level. You will have to replay the game. Therefore, it is best if you can succeed in the first. You can get experience to pass many levels.

Some remarkable traits of Save The Duck

The game offers a lot of levels. You can become a wise player in this game by continuously completing difficult puzzles. The levels will gradually increase in difficulty. It will create many interesting challenges for you. Platforms will make it easier for your character to get stuck. So it is difficult to be able to complete those tasks. How would you feel if you asked for help from others? You can ask your friends or relatives for advice.

There are no hints in this game. So, you can just play the game again. You can play the game many times. Then, you can come up with the best strategies. Good luck!