Scary Granny

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Incredible things about Scary Granny

The game rules

Test your steel nerve in an intense and horror game which is Scary Granny. Try to escape from the creepy granny by running and killing her with your knife.

If you are a big fan of horror games, this game is so suitable for you. You need to face many dangerous and scary grannies. You need to run quickly to save yourself and escape from them. The only way to escape from this creepy place is to kill them. Use your knife to eliminate all of them. At the top of the screen, you will see your score, the number of your knives, and your level. Remember that your knife is limited. Therefore, after killing someone, you need to collect trophies or weapons from them. When they die, you can take a knife or a life to increase your score and increase your weapons. You have many corners in the game. Grannies have unforeseen movements. They can appear unpredictably behind you. Therefore, you need to anticipate their foresee and look around. The granny will be increased. Kill them fastly before they become more crowded. After you kill all the grannies in a level, you can level up. The higher you level up, the more difficult the game will be. If you win the game, you can get scores and level up. If you are caught by granny, you will lose. After experiencing the thrilling feeling in this game, you can play Tic Tac Toe to reduce stress.

How to control:

  • Computer

Use the mouse to look around

Press the WASD keys or ARROW keys to move

Press the SPACEBAR key to throw the knife

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to control

Outstanding information about Scary Granny

All the levels

This game brings you a variety of levels to overcome. Grannies will increase a lot after each level. In the initial levels, it is so easy to get rid of her in a short distance. At the high levels, they will increase, so you need to use running and knife skills to kill them at a far distance. The corners in the game also increase a lot. Grannies can take advantage of these corners to attack you.

The trophies in the game

During running to protect yourself from granny, the trophy is an important thing. You will have 2 main trophies in this game. They are life and knife. Life can help you survive with a granny. If you collect a knife, you can boost your weapon to defeat your enemies quickly.