Shadow of the Orient

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About Shadow of the Orient

Play Shadow of the Orient to enjoy an adventurous and challenging game. This game has two main game modes: Adventure and Challenge to fight dangerous opponents.

2 Modes In Shadow of the Orient

  • Adventure mode: In this mode, players will be taken on a dramatic and exciting adventure. You will play the main character and explore the world of Shadow of the Orient. During this process, you will encounter different puzzles, tasks, and challenges. By solving puzzles and completing quests, you will progress through the story and uncover the mysteries behind Shadow of the Orient.
  • Challenge mode: This mode poses attractive and difficult challenges for players. You will face challenges and complex missions. Your mission is to find clever solutions and complete challenging levels.

Controls In The Orient World

You can control your character in Shadow of the Orient by using the WASD keys to move and the spacebar to jump. In particular, when you press the spacebar twice, you can perform skillful somersaults in the air.

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