Shape Fold Animal

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The principles of Shape Fold Animal

Brainstorm with pieces in the puzzle game which is Shape Fold Animal. Connect the available pieces to create an animal picture and move to the next levels.

After having creepy moments in Poppy Granny, this game will be a good choice to relax. The game brings you some pictures which are cut into many small pieces. They are attached to each other by thumbtack and put on the floor. Your aim is to connect them to form a new and meaningful picture. Use your intelligent and logical thinking to match outside pieces into some pieces, and connect them with the original pieces. If you match correctly, pieces will automatically be attached by thumbtack. Keep going until you match them to fill up the initial blank. The level will be finished when a new and full piece is formed. After completing each level, a new level will be started.

Remarkable points about Shape Fold Animal

This game has multiple-level. When a picture is finished, you can keep going with the next picture. Each picture will be an animal piece. Match all of them to collect all the animals in the game. The higher you level up, the more complex the pieces will be. If you get stuck with any level or piece, you can change your match. Try to overcome all the levels to exercise your brain.