Snail Bob

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Brief information about Snail Bob

Welcome to the first journey of a lovely snail which is Snail Bob. Guide the snail to pass through all the difficulties on the road and go to the higher levels.

If you used to play Snail Bob 5, you can easy to overcome its first version. In this journey, you need to guide the snail to come to the finish line by doing all the tasks. Click on the buttons on the game to play. You can click on the snail to stop. On the top of the screen, there are 2 buttons including 1x and 2x. You can customize the speed of your snail by clicking on these buttons. Try to think about the way you will play before you will go. You will die if you don't avoid some obstacles. Try to finish the game as fast as possible to get a high score.

Levels in Snail Bob

In the game, you need to overcome 20 levels. Each level gives you some challenges and tasks. If you want to move to the next level, you need to finish one. You can get some scores after you win a level. You will have many difficulties in the game, so you need to take advantage of obstacles to support you. Observe and try buttons in the game before you decide to go or stop.