Snail Bob 2

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Overview Snail Bob 2

Back to the journey of the handsome snail in Snail Bob 2. In this journey, you need to help the snail overcome obstacles to reunite with his grandfather.

If you have already got to know Snail Bob 7, this part can't make it difficult for you. In Bob's second journey, you need to help Bob overcome all obstacles to come to his grandfather's birthday party. On the way, it will have countless obstacles. Therefore, you need to flexibly use the tools on the way to help Bob get out of the obstacle. You can use the x2 button to increase Bob's movement speed. You can click on Bob to stop him. If Bob was caught in traps, fell into a cliff, or got stuck in obstacles, you need to retry the level. You have a lot of levels to play. Each level gives you a certain time to finish. If you can't finish the game in the ruling time, you need also to retry the game. Try to finish the game as soon as possible to get a high score. Let's explore this mysterious and dangerous forest with Bob.

Mysterious things in Snail Bob 2

The levels in the game

You need to overcome 25 levels to beat the game. Each level will be a new challenge and a new story. Each level will have a specific time for you to complete. If you want to level up, you need to overcome a level in that time. The more you play, the more challenging the game will be.

Obstacles in the road

There are various obstructions in your journey. The higher the level is, the more obstacles there will be. Some prime obstacles include pikes, carnivorous worms, electric snails, carnivorous flowers, fireballs, carnivorous spiders, eagles, hunters, and so on. Try to overcome all of them to help him come back home safely.