Snake Game

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Short information about Snake Game

The principles

Back to your childhood days with Snake Game. Navigate the snake to pass through all the obstacles and eat many apples to survive as long as possible.

With uncomplicated rules and novel gameplay, this puzzle game surely captivates you at first sight. You need to control your snake on a map. Your purpose is to collect apples in this area. However, the purpose is not so simple. You also need to avoid obstacles and enemies on the way. You will die if you run into them. Try to block your opponent's head to eliminate them. Besides apples, the map also has potions and bombs. You need to pay close attention to avoid them. Try to live as long as possible to get on the leaderboard. You can see the length and number of enemies which you eliminated in the left corner of the screen. Note that this map has a small range. If you hit the limit line, you will die.

How to navigate the snake

On the computer: Use the ARROW keys to move

On mobile phones: Tap or hold on the screen to play

Things need to notice in Snake Game

You can encounter bombs, potions, and apples on the map. Each item will have a unique feature. The potion is light green in color. You will lose one unit of length if you go over it. You need to avoid the red bombs. It looks like apples, but you will explode and die if you touch it. The apple is a necessary item to collect. You will gain one unit of length after collecting an apple. However, don't be too greedy. Sometimes, apples will be placed near the bombs to distract you. Look carefully. Besides, 2 modes are also important things. In practice mode, you have the opportunity to practice with AI enemies before going head-to-head with online opponents in the main mode.