Snowball Dash

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General information about Snowball Dash

Play in the snow with a game called Snowball Dash. Your responsibility is to guide snowball to avoid as many obstacles on the way as possible.

With an eye-catching Christmas theme and challenging gameplay, this game is sure to attract a large number of gamers. You will control a snowball that is sphere-shaped through a sloping hill. Take control of the snowball to turn left or right to avoid obstacles like pine trees. The snowball will get bigger and bigger. The obstacles will be more and more. Concentrate highly and be careful to deal with unpredictable obstacles. You will lose when you have a collision with pine trees or crash into the foothills. Try to overcome many obstacles and run as far as possible.

Remarkable characteristics of Snow Dash

Developer and platform

This game was developed by the MarketJS company. It was published on Feb 1st, 2023. You can play it on mobile phones, laptops, computers, and other smart devices.

Endless road

In this game, you need to guide your ball to roll the ball through an endless distance. The more you go, the bigger your ball will be. Your ball will have to go through more pine tree stumps. Try not to crash into them.