Space Bee

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The adventure of bee in Space Bee

Join the thrilling adventure with a bee character in Space Bee. Your character can go over many planets while avoiding the meteorites to level up.

An extremely exciting space travel journey awaits you in this game. You can join the game and accompany your bee. The bee will be a great astronaut on this exploration journey. However, it still needs your help to complete the mission.

First, the little bee will start from the first empty cell in space. You need to help it fly to the second empty space to reach the finish line faster. Next, you need to pay attention to the meteors flying around the empty cells. You must choose the appropriate time to direct your character to move. Finally, you are not allowed to hit meteors more than three times. You will have to replay this level if you cause your bee to collide more than three times.

How to play

To better navigate your character through empty cells in space, you will use the mouse. It is the only tool that helps your bee fly. You do not need to adjust the direction and force of the little bee's flight. You need to observe the meteors to fly without touching them.

The game is a test of your reflexes and observation ability. You should join the game to practice your skills.

Some rewards you can get in Space Bee

Rewards are your motivation and your goal. If you successfully complete this journey, you will receive three stars for each level. If you collide with meteors, your bonus stars will decrease. Finally, you need to try to set a high score. Your score will help you evaluate your abilities. Could you obtain the highest scores or break your record?