Spider Zombie

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The highlights of Spider Zombie

The mechanics of the game

Transform into a Spider Zombie to complete many levels in the game. Control your character to reach the finish line without crashing into obstacles.

You are familiar with the character Spiderman, right? Have you ever seen a zombie possessing the properties of a spider? In this game, you will control a special character. It is a zombie, and it can use spider silk expertly. You will be immersed in this game thanks to this unique character.

Welcome to this very unique playground. In the game, you are responsible for controlling your character to reach the finish line. You need to be careful when controlling your character. Zombies will not be able to move as usual. It will use spider silk to be able to move. You will use it to take it one step at a time. When moving with spider silk, you need to pay attention to obstacles. They are pointed towers. You need to adjust the length of the spider's silk so as not to collide with them. If you collide with them, your character can be injured or lose a life.

What's more, your character is not allowed to land. You will lose if your character reaches the ground. He can only hover in the air. Remember this special thing. You will win the game.

Some tactics to win in the game

The intelligent strategy will help you to win and get a high score. You should adjust the length of the spider silk. Do not let the spider's web be too long unless you will land. As a result, you have to stop the game. In addition, if your spider silk is too short, you won't be able to swing forward.

In addition, the more spider silk you use to move, the lower your score. Therefore, you need to try your best to swing further with a silk thread.

Controls the character in Spider Zombie

The arrow keys are used to move your character. If you want your character to move up or down, press the up and down arrow keys. Keep in mind that you cannot allow the character to touch the ground. Press the right and left arrow keys to swing right or left, respectively. Additionally, you can swing and shoot spider silk by pressing the spacebar. To produce spider silk, press the spacebar one more time. It is simple to control. You can understand on the first try. You can play the game many times to become a master. Good luck!

Some episodes and levels

The game offers three episodes and many levels. How many levels can you overcome?

Three remarkable episodes

Currently, the game has three episodes available. Each episode will bring new dimensions. You can experience them by unlocking them all. To unlock all episodes, you need to complete them all. levels are included in each episode. Then you can move on to new episodes. The game won't let you down. Are you ready to join the game?

Many challenging levels

There are numerous difficult levels in the game. You must defeat each of them separately. Make every effort to pass as many levels as you can. After that, you can unwind and practice your abilities. If you can play with someone else, the game is quite exciting. Make an effort to become the game's best player.