Spooky Sort It

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Welcome to Spooky Sort It

The game rules

Spooky Sort It offers quizzes to train your brain. You need to sort the balls into the right tubes before running out of time. Let's get the high scores.

Welcome to the spine-tingling world. In this game, you'll be faced with a chilling challenge that will test your quick thinking and organizational skills. Get ready to dive into a haunted mansion filled with mysterious objects and eerie creatures as you attempt to sort them and restore order to this spooky place.

Before you begin sorting, take a moment to carefully observe the objects on the screen. Pay attention to their shapes, colors, and spooky characteristics. By analyzing the objects, you can develop a strategy for efficient sorting. In the game, your aim is to sort the objects into specific categories. Look for haunting balls that share similarities, such as the same color, shape, or theme. Grouping similar objects together will make the sorting process much easier and quicker.


You can use the left mouse button to move the haunting balls.

Some highlights of Spooky Sort It

The limited time

As the clock ticks, you must quickly identify the correct category for each object and sort them accordingly. Is it a decoration, a tool, or a creature? Pay attention to the subtle details and make your decisions swiftly to earn points and progress through the game. The remaining time will correspond to your score. If you play too long, your score will drop significantly. Therefore, you should complete the task quickly to get a high score. In addition, you can also receive bonus time after completing the level. As a result, you can earn impressive scores.

The game modes

The game has two main game modes: Easy and Hard mode. Each mode will have many different levels. You can unlock them if you can pass the challenging level. Unlock all of the levels in Easy mode and continue with the levels in Hard mode.