Squad Tower

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Special facts about Squad Tower

The playing rules

Jump into a fierce battle to capture the tower which is Squad Tower. Control your character to attack the other enemies to collect money and take over the tower.

The gameplay of this game is quite easy for you to control. Choose your favorite character to start your level. Use your mouse to drag the character to the cell which you want to attack. Remember that you just can defeat the character who has lower power than you. You can see the value of power above the character. In the game, there are many towers and enemies. They can not attack you. They just can respond to your attack. Defeat all enemies by moving from this tower to other towers to go to the next levels. There are many levels for you to play. After you win a level, you can earn a mount of money. At that time, you can use your money or coins to change your character. If your strength value is lower or equal to the strength value of your enemies, you will lose. Use your wise and reasonable skills to defeat your enemies. Keep going until you finish all of the levels in the game. Brainstorming with math knowledge in this game is an important thing. Can you use it on this game? Besides this game, Solitaire 2048 is also a game that requires math knowledge in your secondary school. You can join to increase your calculation skill.

How to control

  • Computer

Use your mouse to drag the character

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Outstanding things about Squad Tower

The variety of levels

You have the chance to conquer 40 levels in this game. These levels can be unlocked in order. After you win a level, you can earn money and move to the next level. The difficulty will increase after each level. If you lose a level, you need to restart that one. At higher levels, you need to deal with a lot of enemies. Defeat enemies with low power and keep on with the high-power enemies. On some levels, you can collect some trophies such as coins, or keys. Collect the X2-coin to double your strength. Sometimes, the cell will be locked. You need to collect the key to open it.

Change the characters

In the shop, you can buy new characters to boost your skill and strength. There are 8 characters from who you can choose. Characters will have their own features and strength. You need to pay some money to purchase them. For example, to get a pink-hair boy, you must pay 100 coins. It costs you 2000 coins for a cap boy. Also, you need to spend 2000 coins to get a green-hair boy.