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What about Stabfish.io

The game rules

Boost your mood in an interesting multiplayer io game which is Stabfish.io. Swim in the pool to attack other enemies and collect meat to become a bigger fish.

With easy and appealing gameplay, this game will bring you many emotions. In this game, you will become a fish with other fish in a pool. Your goal is to survive and grow up. You need to protect yourself from other fish to stay in the pool. To protect yourself, you must attack other enemies and collect their meat to grow. Use your sword to attack other fish. Sometimes, you can speed up to attack other fish easily. Be careful because other fish also want to eat you. Therefore, avoid their sword if you want to survive. Try to live as long as possible and kill many fish. You can unlock more fish and weapons when you live long enough. Don't hesitate and type your name to start the game.

Developer and platform

This game was made by Zytech AI. It is launched in February 2020. You can play it on web browsers such as desktop, mobile phone, or Mac.

Unknown things about Stabfish.io

In this game, you can unlock various fishes. Some common fishes you can see include Sharks, Killer Whales, Hammerheads, Manta Rays, Puffer Fishes, Dolphin, Goldfish, Narhwal, Dumbo Octopus, Moray Eel, Sea Turtle, and Stingray. You need to attain some special achievements to take these fishes. After unlocking these fish, you can take some kill bonuses or skills. Besides, you can change your weapon or unlock a new sword. If you reach level 4, you can change from a tusk to a sword, a trident, a chill blade, and a chainsaw.