Stack Ball

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Interesting facts about Stack Ball

The principles

Stack Ball is a 3D arcade game that you will be keen on. Rotate to control your ball to bounce and destroy all the helix platforms to level up.

This game might be so simple for you even when you are a beginner. You take responsibility for controlling the ball to destroy all the helix platforms. Click the left mouse if you want to destroy a platform. However, in the platform, there are some hard platforms and soft platforms. You just can destroy the soft parts. If you bounce your ball on the hard platforms, your ball will be broken. Anticipate the time and avoid the hard platforms to protect your ball. If you have enough power, you can destroy many platforms, even the hard platform. However, after running out of power, the ball will be the normal ball. Hold the left mouse if you want to destroy them at the same time. Try to break all the platforms and level up. There are many levels for you to overcome. Besides this game, Solitaire 2048 is also a good game that you can try.

How to control

  • Computer

Use the computer mouse to play

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Outstanding things about Stack Ball

The variety of levels

This game brings you endless levels with intensified difficulty. At high levels, it is quite hard for you to pass. The movement of the helix platform is so difficult to predict. It is so important for you to use the ball's power to destroy all the platforms easily. You can move to the next level after you finish a level.

2 types of platforms

The helix platform has 2 parts including the hard platform and the soft platform. You can easily break the soft platform. However, to break the hard platform, you need to use the power. You can distinguish 2 parts of the platform by looking at their color. The soft platform will have light colors while the hard platform will have darker colors.