Star Fighter Fruits

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Common factors about Star Fighter Fruits

Dispel your boring day with an exciting game named Star Fighter Fruits. Use your fingers to cut as many fruits as possible to get a high score.

This is a famous game with everyone in the world because of its attractiveness and uncomplicated nature. To get started, you need to select a game mode. In the game, you need to use your fingers skillfully and flexibly to slash the fruit. There were a lot of fruits and other objects thrown on the table. However, you must slash at the fruit and avoid the bombs. If you slash the bombs, you will lose points or lose. Try not to miss any fruit.

All the levels in Star Fighter Fruits

You will have 3 main modes in this game including classical mode, arcade mode, and relax mode. In the first mode, you need to cut all the fruits which appear on the screen. You have 3 attempts. If you missed a fruit, you will lose an attempt. You will lose the game if you cut the bomb. In the arcade mode, you will have one minute to finish the game. In this mode, you need to cut as many fruits as possible in the ruled time to get a high score. You can miss the fruits or cut the bomb. However, you will lose your score if you cut the bomb. You will have some special fruits which can help you boost your score or increase your fruits. For the last mode, you don't need to worry about bombs or missing fruits. In the ruled time, you need to cut many fruits to get the highest score possible.