Stick Merge

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Play Stick Merge to join the solo gunfight arena while you can create your own gun for each battle. With unique weapons, can you shoot down all your enemies?

Stick Merge Arena

This new shooting game will take you to a unique arena to show off your gunfighting abilities. If you have ever played Shell Shockers, you probably know the thrill of these shooting games and Stick Merge games are similar.

Each player will transform into a shooter and use a gun in a first-person perspective. In the arena, there are many enemies on the opposite side, you need to use your gun to shoot down all opponents to win.

Stick Merge's arena is a solo arena for yourself. On the contrary, your opponents are many, so be prepared to fight!

How To Merge And Fight

This Stick Merge game focuses on two gameplay styles: merging and shooting. Let's learn about each gameplay of this new game!

Merge To Create Your Own Gun

The Stick Merge game divides weapons into many different levels. Guns of the same level can merge and create a gun with a higher level. With this gameplay, you can always create new guns. In particular, this gun will be brought into the battlefield to fight. Therefore, with high-level guns, you can gain more advantages with the power of the gun.

Fight In Stick Merge

Combat will begin when you enter the Stick Merge arena. Aim and shoot down all the enemies with the merged gun. While fighting, you need to pay attention to your ammunition to reload promptly.