Suika Game

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Suika Game is a famous fruit-merging game with 11 different types. Your target is to create a giant watermelon, the biggest fruit in the merging world.

11 Merging Fruits

As you can know, this Suika Game has 11 different fruits for you including cherries, strawberries, grapes, dekopons, oranges, apples, pears, peaches, pineapples, melons, and watermelons. The differences between fruits are not only based on shape and color but also size. The increase in size of the fruits will help you feel more excited during the game.

However, it is also a challenge for Suika Game players because you only have a limited space to store all the fruits. The rule of the game is not to let any fruit fall out. Therefore, the game may end if you cannot save space through merging missions.

How To Merge Suika Game

Like Cats Drop, this online game also belongs to the merging world with many familiar elements such as gameplay and controls.

Suika Game's Gameplay

The main object is fruits and the goal is to merge them to create the largest fruit, watermelon. You can only match two fruits together at once and it is impossible to merge different fruits.

The fruits will appear from above and you just need to move the mouse and click to drop them to the desired location.

Best Score And Watermelon RTA

Suika Game calculates players' achievements based on their best score and watermelon RTA. You can track these parameters on the leaderboard with 3 trophies: bronze, silver, and gold.