Super Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island

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About Super Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island

The tactical aspects

Move closer to Super Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island to experience the journey of Mario. Manage your character to overcome enemies and collect coins.

Keep continuing the series adventure of Mario, this journey seems to be easier and more attractive than ever. In the game, you will accompany Mario and stand at a door. Control him to overcome enemies and obstacles on the trip by jumping up, turning right, or turning left. If you touch them, you will lose a life. You just have 6 lives. Remember that you should collect coins on your road to increase your coins and scores. Besides coins, you need to collect some suns. Collect them to level up. You just have 100 seconds to finish the level. If you can not complete the level in the ruled time, you need to retry the level. Try to complete the level as quickly as possible to get more bonuses. After collecting coins and all the suns, the door will unlock. You need to come back to the door to move to the next level. Challenge yourself and discover mysterious things in this adventure of Mario.

The way to operate the character

  • Mobile phone

Tap or hold on your screen to play

  • Computer

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Press the ARROW key or SPACEBAR key to jump up

Highlights about Super Mario Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island

All the levels

This game brings you many appealing levels which are classified from the easy level to the harder level. To overcome all the levels, you need to defeat all the enemies and complete the tasks. The tasks of each level are to find 3 suns on the road. There are 11 levels divided into 2 rounds. Round 1 starts from level 1 to level 6. Round 2 begins from level 7 to level 11.

Dangerous enemies

You can not predict the dangers of enemies. They appear everywhere on the road. You need to avoid them in order to level up. Some common enemies which you can encounter easily are dogs, dragons, green turtles, blue turtles, and ghosts. You can easily eliminate dogs and dragons by jumping on them. However, it is quite hard for you to get rid of turtles. They can run very fast when you attack them. You can do nothing with ghosts because you can die if you touch them. Therefore, try to avoid them.