Super Pineapple Pen

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The mechanics of Super Pineapple Pen

You can use a pen to shoot many fruits in Super Pineapple Pen. If you want to get many scores, you must shoot accuracy at the fruits and gather many coins.

The pineapple is the first fruit to appear on the screen. At the bottom of the screen, there is a pen, which you can use to shoot at the pineapple. In the game, you will use the pens to shoot at the fruits that appear on the screen. The pineapple won't move until you hit it. However, other fruits can move flexibly. They can move right or left. There are a few fruits that can move quickly around the screen. Besides, some fruits are protected by armor. So, if you want to shoot them down, you need to shoot many times exactly.

The more fruits you shoot, the more points you get. Try to break your own record. You can play many times to become a professional sniper. You will probably shoot the berries more accurately. Good luck!

Some things in the shop of Super Pineapple Pen

After each turn, you will receive many gold coins. You can accumulate them to shop in the shop. There are many kinds of pens. New pens can help you remove armor-protected fruits faster. You don't have to shoot multiple times to eliminate them. New pens start at 200 coins. You need to accumulate more to be able to buy more pens. Unlock all of them to get a variety of new experiences.