Tangram Blocks

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About Tangram Blocks

Tangram Blocks is an appealing puzzle game that will give you a relaxing and comfortable time. Use the available tangram pieces and fill them in on the board.

As a classical puzzle game and simple gameplay, this game will certainly be your cup of tea. You need to use the tangram pieces of the game to fill in the board. It is quite easy to fill in the first steps. However, you need to pay attention to the next steps. You can not move any steps when you have a wrong step. You also can not fill the pieces in the board with the wrong position. You can get stuck or retry the level if you move uncarefully. Therefore, think carefully before you decide to put any pieces down. You can not know whether you are matching in the correct position or not. You can level up after you finish a level. Try to finish all the levels. Exercise your smart brain and become the winner. Can you overcome it?

Fantastic factors in Tangram Blocks

This game has a total of 60 levels. Each level will have a different style and distinctive challenge. The shape of each level will be different from the others. It will be so easy for you to match in the first level. However, at the next level, you can get stuck or be confused about them because of their complexity.