Tank Maze Battle

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The description of Tank Maze Battle

How to play

Engage in an aggressive battle in Tank Maze Battle. Take control of your tank to fight against the enemies and find any way to escape from this maze.

This fighting game will satisfy you with its simple principles and eye-catching graphics. In the game, you need to guide your tank to get out of the maze. However, you are not alone in this maze. You also have some enemies that will not let you escape easily. They will attack or shoot you when you try to leave. If you are shot by them, you will die before you can get out. Therefore, you need to attack again and knock out them to pave your way. The number of enemies will increase. Try to defeat them. After finishing a level, you can move to the next level. To experience all the levels, you should not leave the game during the battle. Can you show that you are the strongest tank? If you want to show your talent in the battles, you also can join the battle among rafts in Raft Wars.

The way to control your tank

  • Computer:

Use the ARROW keys to move

Click the left mouse to shoot

  • Mobile phone

Tap or hold on your phone to play

An enjoyable part of Tank Maze Battle

This game brings you endless levels. You need to become the winner in a level to explore the next level. The difficulty of the game will change after each level. The maze will be more complicated. The enemies also increase rather than in the previous levels. Therefore, try your best to win as many levels as possible.