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Fascinating things about Territorial.io

The playing rules

Dip into Territorial.io to conquer and claim your own territory. Protect your land and expand your areas by invading other territories to conquer the map.

If you are a big fan of Paper.io 2, you can addict to this game. You need to choose the mode to start the game. In the game, you will play with more than 500 players. If you are a beginner, you can try the single-player mode You will have a map with many areas around the world such as Europe, Singapore, the Islands, the Middle East, the USA, and so on. Zoom in on your screen and choose a place on the map. Then, click to set up your territory. You need to fight against over 500 enemies. Try to protect your territories and capture new lands. Use your mouse to click on the area which you want to invade. Capture a lot of new territories to expand the size of your areas. Use reasonable strategies to get many lands and conquer all territories on the maps. During the fight, you can use surrender to make peace and lose the game. Send your land or your resources to others by clicking on the statistic. Collaborate with others to expand your territory. This game has very fast progress. Therefore, your game will be finished in under 5 minutes. Try your best to take over all lands on the map to become the winner. If you become the winner, you can take a high score and rank a high position on the leaderboard. In the leaderboard, you will see your name, your result, and the result of the best players. As an appealing game on Smash Karts, this game will certainly make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

How to control: Use your mouse to play

Developer and platform

This game is developed by David Tschacher. It is released in April 2022. You can play it both on Android, iOS, and web browsers such as desktop and mobile.

Remarkable facts about Terriorial.io

The map of the game

This game brings you 15 locations including White Arena, Black Arena, Island, Mountains, Desert, Swamp, Snow, Cliffs, Pond, Halo, Europe, World, Caucasia, Middle East, and USA. Each location has its own characteristics and distinctive difficulties. Each location in the game will correspond to a location on the real map world. On the map, you just can take over the mainland. You can not invade the sea area. You can easily increase the size of your territory in empty and wide lands.

The modes of the game

There are 2 main modes which you can choose from. They are the multiplayer mode and the single-player mode. In the single-player mode, you can choose the map, and level of the game. There are 15 locations and 6 levels include easy, very easy, normal, hard, harder, and very hard. In this mode, you can fight with many players. The fewer the number of enemies, the more difficult the game will be. You need to defeat all your enemies with your ability to become the last player. In the other mode, you need to deal with multiple online players. They are so strong and fast. If you nearly lose your territory, you can use the help.