Text Twist

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How about Text Twist

Check your English vocabulary with a puzzle game which is Text Twist. Use your available letters to create as many meaningful words as possible and level up.

For people who want to boost their English wordbook, you can refer to this game. In the game, there are many crosswords. You need to use the available words to fill in these crosswords. Try to create as many useful and valid words as possible. If your word is valid, a crossword can open. The words will be increased and harder when you level up. After filling in the words, you can click on the enter button on the screen. You can click on the twist button to change the crosswords. With the last-word button, you also can see the previous words. Besides, you can click on clear to delete all the crosswords. You need to find all the longest words to qualify for the next round. You just have 2 minutes to complete the game. If you can not do it, you will lose. Try to get as many words as possible in a short time to get a high score. At a high level, you may need a dictionary to support you in the game. Take advantage of your abundant vocab to play this game.

Enjoyable factors of Text Twist

This game gives you 3 supporting buttons including twist, last word, and clear. If you are got stuck with that level, you can click on the twist button to rotate the available letters. Sometimes, you can see some valid words when twisting the letter. You can see the words which you form earlier by pressing the clear button. The longest word has 5 letters while the shortest word has 3 letters. You need to find all the longest words to move to the next level. This game has an endless level. The higher level will have more challenging and harder words.