The Dawn of Slenderman

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The Dawn of Slenderman will take players to a nighttime survival battle in a horror forest. Try to collect all 8 pages before the mysterious person catches you.

The Dawn of Slenderman Intro

The Dawn of Slenderman is a horror game with a nighttime forest setting. Horror gameplay is a famous gameplay with many different games and the highlight is Five Nights At Freddy's 1.

In this online game, players can challenge their courage and survival ability. It seems to be a wild forest but actually, someone is following you. A danger lurks behind the trees in the dark. Are you ready to face the dangers of The Dawn of Slenderman?

Way To Escape The Forest

To escape the forest, the players need to complete their mission while protecting themselves from dangers.

Quests In The Dawn of Slenderman

All players need to complete a single task: collect all 8 pages. These pages will take you to the exit from the forest. However, it is not easy to find them with the scenery of The Dawn of Slenderman.

First, the darkness of the forest will be a big obstacle for all players. You can't observe things from afar, so you need to move a lot and spend more time. Second, the forest with countless trees is not easy to navigate. Finally, a danger lurks you from the beginning of the The Dawn of Slenderman game.

Hidden Danger In The Forest

Someone is always following you in the dark and you can't see him. A dangerous Slenderman is a threat to all players to test their survival ability. Can you become one of the talented winners of The Dawn of Slenderman?