Tile Match Puzzle

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The principle of the game

Tile Match Puzzle is a remarkable puzzle game where you can train your brain. Your task is to move three identical tiles into the hand to make them disappear.

The tiles in the game are printed with very unique images. They can be kitchen utensils or small animals in the forest. Plants and fruits are also printed on the tiles. They create an extremely attractive playground for everyone.

Tiles may be stacked on top of each other. You need to move them in turn. The tiles in the lower layer will be moved after there are no longer any tiles above them. To complete the level, you need to move three identical tiles into the hand. There will be a total of 7 empty spaces in the hand. If you make it full, you will lose. You need to match three tiles so that they disappear from the playing field and the hand. If you win, you can move on to the following levels with increasing difficulty. Try to complete your mission.

How to control

In the game, you use the left mouse button to play. Click on the tile to move it into the hand.

Some hints for you in Tile Match Puzzle

The shuffles

You have two turns to use shuffle per turn. You should use them when the hand is at risk of being full and you cannot get any tiles similar to the tiles in the hand. It will help you swap the positions of the tiles.

The hints

Like the shuffle, you can only use the hint twice. You use it to find similar tiles more easily. Let's use them effectively if you want to win with the highest gold coins. You can get 10 coins after you are successful.

The undo

If you make a mistake when moving the tile, you can press undo. It returns the tile to its original position. Take advantage of all the hints to pass many challenging levels.