Tomb Of The Mask

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Play Tomb Of The Mask to explore dark tunnels with deadly dangers. Move your Mask to reach the final destination at each level and beat all levels.

About Tomb of the Mask

Welcome to an endless running and puzzle game, called Tomb of the Mask! This online game is developed by Playgendary with a pixel art style. It is classically inspired and has fast-paced gameplay.

When participating in this Tomb of the Mask game, players can enjoy vivid and colorful images. In addition, the game has fun music to enhance the energetic atmosphere. Join this running game now to conquer dozens of different challenges.

Mask Character and Mission

In the Tomb of the Mask game, players become adventurers to explore an ancient tomb filled with traps, enemies, and treasure. The goal is to move through maze-like levels, collect light dots, and avoid obstacles.

Its mechanics involve moving in four directions (up, down, left, right) to move the character. The character moves in a straight line until encountering a wall or obstacle. As a result, this moving game requires the player to plan their moves strategically.

As you go deeper into the tomb, you will encounter increasingly challenging levels with new traps, enemies, and puzzles. Pay attention!