Train Racing

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Overview of Train Racing

Immerse yourself in an awesome driving game which is Train Racing. Guide your train to go through rough terrain and collect coins to go to the finish line.

The gameplay of this game is quite simple, but it will make you interested at the first sight. Take control of the train to overcome the slopes and difficult terrain of the town. On the road, you need to collect all the coins. However, you need to be careful. If your train was overturned, you will lose. After completing a level, you can move to the next one and earn some coins. You can use your coins to exchange your train or upgrade your train in the shop. Especially, you can invite your friend to play with you in multiplayer mode.

Highlights about Train Racing

All the levels

This game brings you 30 levels classified from easy to hard. The more you go, the more bumpy and steeper the road will be. If your train overturns, the level is also over. Try your best to conquer all the levels. Each level brings you 3 stars. Finish levels in the shortest time and collect all coins to get full stars.

The shop

You can exchange your train from 6 trains in the shop. To take a new train, you need to pay some coins and unlock new levels. In the shop, you also can choose the color of your train or upgrade some parts of that train by using your coins. To boost your speed and limit overturning, upgrading is an important thing.