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Have you ever wished to put aside your chaotic life and return to the life of primitive people? If the answer is yes, you must join this game right now. This game launched in October 2022 and was released worldwide in December 2022.

Let's try Tribals.io

Basic regulations

Tribals.io gives you the opportunity to go back to the old days with other online players. Collect resources on the island and use them to protect your life.

Considered one of the hottest and most attractive survival games in recent times, it would be a mistake to miss this game. You will live in primitive times. You are required to collect in-game resources such as trees, stones, wood, and so on and protect yourself from conflicts with other tribes. To be more clear, first, you can use a stone to collect every resource on the island. After gathering a sufficient amount of resources, you can make your own weapons and confront other tribes or protect yourself. You can see your resources in the toolbox. The toolbox will allow you to own a new land. Remember that in this game, you will also easily encounter dangerous problems such as ethnic conflicts, rain, housing problems, and so on. Sometimes, other races may come and attack you. Do not worry. You can use your weapon to fight back or run away from their attack. In addition, when it rains, you will easily get cold. Therefore, use what you gain to light a fire and keep yourself warm. What you collect can be used to build or strengthen your base. In the end, try to let you survive the days. Is it easy to live a primitive man's life? Would you dare to give up all your work and everything to get a ticket back to this reclamation time?

How do you survive

Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move

Use the right mouse button to mine resources

Press the TAB to see the toolbox

Use the F button to collect resources

Things to note in Tribals.io

Items you can obtain

In the process of mining, you can obtain necessary items such as books, weapons, and resources. In it, you can have a pistol book and a musket book. You can get some resources such as wood, stone, gun, feather, leaves, seeds, bones, rope, and so on. With weapons, you can pick up wood, stone, musket, hammer, arrow, etc. You can use them as weapons for protection or to hunt for more resources.

Trade and conflict

One thing that is extremely interesting and unique in this game is the trade. Players can trade with each other to exchange goods or materials needed between the tribes. Trade box allows you to exchange goods securely. However, they can sometimes cause some conflicts among tribes. Sometimes, conflicts can also stem from other tribes wanting to invade your resources or land. You can see them in your tabs. Some trade items include wood, stone, coal, leaf, iron, and so on.