Vampire Survivors

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Play Vampire Survivors to fight with endless vampires who will attack you from all directions. Fight with Antonio, Imelda, Pasqualina, and Gennaro now!

They are your characters in this fighting game and you can unlock them to use new fighting skills!

Character Selection In Vampire Survivors

Players have 4 character options before entering each official match.

The first character is Antonio with the ability to whip a super whip. This first character is the default for all Vampire Survivors players. To use the remaining 3 characters, you need to unlock them using collected coins.

The locked characters are Imelda, Pasqualina, and Gennaro. Each of these characters has different fighting skills to destroy vampires. For example, you can use swords to slash vampires when you become Gennaro. Another option is the magical attack skill with Pasqualina.

How To Fight Vampires

In Vampire Survivors, your opponents are vampires and your mission is to fight them to the end.

Enemies In Vampire Survivors

The vampires will constantly attack you in many different directions. In particular, their number is endless while you are alone to fight.

With these opponents, you will need to fight with all your might to get a high score in Vampire Survivors.

Fighting With Your Character

To fight as a character in Vampire Survivors, you will need to use the arrow keys to move. During the movement, your character will automatically launch available skills to attack vampires. These vampires will be destroyed and leave you with valuable items such as coins and gems.

In particular, your character can be upgraded to have better-quality attacks. If you like fighting games like this Vampire Survivors game, you can try Block Post.