Vega Mix 2: Mystery Of Island

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The storyline of Vega Mix 2: Mystery Of Island

Vega Mix 2: Mystery Of Island offers an adventure for Alice and her friend to save AAlice's husband. You must conquer the levels by matching the same pieces.

Alex is a great adventurer. He came to this forest and found an ancient temple. He picked up a gem when he got here. However, he later went missing. Alice is unable to contact her husband, Alex. So she decided to go with her best friend Vicky to this forest. They began their adventure. Perhaps, they will face a lot of challenges and difficulties. Therefore, they need your support to overcome challenges and conundrums. Are you ready to help these two girls? Is there a secret hidden in the forest? Explore every detail and the clue to find the answer.

How to play Vega Mix 2: Mystery Of Island

The gameplay

To get new clues, you need to complete your quest to get more gold coins and stars. You can use them to unlock clues and continue moving deeper into the forest.

Your task in this game is to match and swap the same items to complete the level. You must meet the target that is mentioned in the left corner of the screen. If you use all your moves, but you cannot meet the requirement, you will lose. You need to move the items correctly to make them disappear from the field and win.

There are many levels waiting for you. The difficulty will increase gradually through the levels. Try to find more clues and answer this question.

Some power-ups

In addition, you can use one of four types of power-ups. They can help you complete the task quickly. They will destroy many items at once. So, you can save your moves. You must use them effectively because your power-ups are limited. Good luck.