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About Venge.io

The rules

Welcome to Venge.io which is an inline multiplayer first-person shooter game. Control your character and use weapons to knock out as many enemies as possible.

The principles of this game have some differences from Shell Shockers. In this game, you will have 4 modes and maps, 7 main weapons, and 4 heroes. Before you start the game, you need to choose your region, maps, and game modes including Siera, Tundra, Mistle, and Temple. Your goal is to use your weapons to defeat all your enemies and complete the mode of your challenge. Each character will have the ability that is cards. You can use it to defeat others easily. You can get some points after you kill your opponents. Capturing the flag to unlock the cards and level up. Use them carefully to knock out some dangerous and tough opponents. Be careful with the unpredictable movement of your enemies.

After you finish the game, you can get some points and earn some cards. Then, you also can upgrade your characters, choose other maps, and upgrade your weapons. No matter what mode you play, try to become the winner and rank a high result on the leaderboard. This game is well-known as one of the awesome shooting games on Smash Karts. Can you become a great shooter?

How to play


Use the WASD keys to move

Use the SPACE BAR to jump

Press the R key to reload

Press the E key for doing a melee attack

Press the F key to throw items

Press the B key to buy

Use the Shift or RMG to focus

Hold the H key to dance

Hold the Enter key to chat

Hold B to turn cards

Hold the LMB key to shoot

Mobile phone:

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Remarkable things about Venge.io

All the modes

This game has 4 main modes to play that is Siera, Tundra, Mistle, and Temple. Each mode has its own distinctive character. The first mode can be played as the capture-the-flag in the desert map. You need to eliminate your enemies. Then, unlock your level by running to the green point. Try to survive in the ruled time. In the Mistle mode, you will have a gun battle on a map like a small town. In this mode, you will stand in the green point and push the minecart to your opponents. In these areas, you can unlock your ability. The next mode is the tundra. In this mode, you will play on a map in the winter. Your goal in this mode is that you will play all the weapons. After you defeat someone, your rank will be higher and you will continue with other weapons. In the last mode, you will have a battle in the temple. You need to collect the black coins after you kill someone. Then, move these coins to the green point of the temple. Join and experience all these modes to have a wonderful time.

Upgrade the characters and weapons

You have the chance to upgrade your characters and weapons from 4 heroes and 8 available weapons. There are 4 rifles, 1 shotgun, 1 sniper, and 1 handgun. You need to complete some tasks or get some achievements to unlock these characters and weapons.