War of Sticks

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Fight as national heroes in War of Sticks to defend your land from red enemies. To start, hire miners to mine, earn resources, and build your army.

Battles Between Blue And Red

In War of Sticks, the war will take place between two armies: blue and red. The blue team is you and your opponent will be red. It's similar to Stick Fighter where you become a stick fighter to compete.

These two armies are always at odds with each other and seek to occupy the remaining lands. Conflicts occur and online battles between stickmen begin.

These battles will take place in stages corresponding to different bases. After capturing an enemy base, you can advance to the next bases. The terrain, environment, and climate at each base are different, so matches will take place with different developments.

Instructions For War of Sticks

It is simple to play this attack and defense game. To start the game, let's go through the tasks of a commander of the blue army.

Duties of the Commander of the Blue Army

Your army is blue and you act as a commander. When you become this main character, you will start by building your army. Hire miners to exploit resources and these resources will give you gold to hire soldiers and stone to build combat towers.

After that, don't forget to attack enemy bases with your army.

Upgrade Soldiers In War of Sticks

The soldiers are divided into many groups with different fighting styles. There are melee soldiers but there are also ranged soldiers. In addition, upgrading these soldiers will help you increase the strength of your army significantly.