Winter Clash 3D

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Brief information about Winter Clash 3D

The principles

Welcome your Christmas with a Christmas-themed shooter game which is Winter Clash 3D. Control Santa to destroy all enemies and get a high score.

With new and attractive game rules, this game certainly brings you an explosive Christmas. In the game, you will transform into a Santa Claus. Your mission is to support your teammates and protect yourself by shooting down as many goblins as you can. Try to destroy more opponents than their team in the allotted time to get a high score. Don't forget to collect gift boxes along the way to increase your power and strengthen your weapons. After finishing a turn, you can upgrade your character or weapon with your money.

The way to control your character

Use the WASD or ARROW keys to move

Press the C key to crouch

Press the SPACEBAR key to jump

Hold on the TAB key to see the score table

Click the RIGHT mouse to aim

Click the LEFT mouse to shoot

Outstanding factors in Winter Clash 3D

After each turn, you can upgrade your health, sniper rifle power, or shotgun power by your points. This game has a leaderboard. You need to collect as many health and get rid of as many enemies as possible to rank a high score on the leaderboard.