Word Hurdle

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Word Hurdle is an online puzzle game with a word theme. With 6 unique challenges, you need to find the target word without any initial clues.

Word Hurdle Free

This word game is a free online game for all players on our Smash Karts website. In this game, you can experience daily word puzzles through 6 attempts. After these 6 tries, you need to find the target word for that day. If you lose your chance to win, you have to wait until the next day to conquer the Word Hurdle.

Note that this word game will change the target word every day. In addition, you can only use 6-letter words to fill out the playing board.

Hint And Answer Today

Although this Word Hurdle game does not provide hints at the beginning, you do receive some hints during the game.

Word Hurdle Hint

When you try a 6-letter word, the puzzle game will announce the colors: green, yellow, and gray. In green, you have found the correct letter for today's target word. However, if yellow appears, the letter is in the wrong position. Finally, gray letters are the ones that don't appear today.

Word Answers Today

As you can know, this Word Hurdle game has new words on the following days, so the answer for today is not the same. You can refer to some of the following common words: Spirit, Window, Impact, Banana, Guitar, Marvel, Purple, Planet, Castle, Doctor, Bright, Sphere, Wisdom, Forest, and Rocket.