Young Jedi Adventure: Galactic Training

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The attraction of Young Jedi Adventure: Galactic Training

The inspiration for the game

Young Jedi Adventure: Galactic Training is a thrilling action game. You can become a powerful character who can defeat a lot of alien robots.

The game is inspired by the Disney movie of the same name. Young Jedi Adventures does not rely on traditional storytelling, in which mythology and world-building are combined with character motivations to drive the plot forward. This is the series' biggest asset, along with the way it focuses on the characters. It is one of the hot movies to be welcomed this summer. Therefore, the game has attracted many players from all over the world, especially Disney fans. If you have seen this movie then you will be impressed by the adventure of the trio of intelligent characters.

In the game, you will control a character named Kai Brightstar. He is the best member of the squad. He can use swords proficiently. So his main weapon will be the long sharp sword. You can start the game right away to be able to conquer the arduous missions.


To control your character, you will use the mouse. You can master the sword if you practice hard.

Some challenges and tricks to win Young Jedi Adventure: Galactic Training

Some challenges

In the game, your character will face a lot of alien robots. They continuously attack your character. You need to control your character to be able to defeat them before they do. You are not allowed to let them approach your character. It is so dangerous. You must use the sword proficiently to be able to destroy the robots.

In addition, they often throw fruit at you to block your vision. You have to cut all those fruits so that their juices don't get splashed all over the place. Try to dodge them in time.

Some tricks for you

As you know, fruit can block your vision. Then the opponents will attack you. You need to dodge them or cut them. You must remove them to be able to see the opponent clearly. Don't give them any chance of winning. You can play the game many times to train your skills. Then, you can become the master.