Zombie Tsunami

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Remarkable information about Zombie Tsunami

The playing rules

Release stress with a crazy running online game which is Zombie Tsunami. Guide your zombies to collect people and earn as many coins as possible.

This game was favored by millions of people around the world because of its attractiveness. In this game, you will transform into a zombie. Collect the brain by eating people on the stress to make them become your teammate. Try to collect as many people as possible to improve your power and destroy everything on your road. You can overturn tanks, airplanes, buses, cars, or bins if you have enough power. Remember that you need to avoid all the obstructions on your road. If you have a collision with obstructions, you can die. Collect coins on the stress or in the bin. Use your coins to buy new items in the shop or unlock new powers. Then, control your zombies to revolt from wild countries to bustling cities. To keep going your uprising, you have at least one zombie which is still alive. Sometimes, you can be supported by assisting items on your road. However, they just can help you in a few seconds. Try your best to get as much score as possible. You also will be keen on Yeti Sensation which is also your awesome choice.

How to control

  • Computer

Use the left mouse or the SPACE BAR to jump up

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on your screen to play

Special things about Zombie Tsunami

All the obstructions on the road

Obstructions are an unavoidable thing in every game. In this game, you may encounter a lot of obstructions such as cars, buses, tanks, airplanes, bins, trucks, phone booths, and bombs. Each of them will have its own features. You need to overcome all of them to survive. You need to have over 3 zombies to overturn the car. To overturn the phone booth, you need to have 2 zombies at least. You will lose some zombies if you touch with bombs. If you want to overturn the buses or tanks, you need higher zombies. However, airplanes, trucks, or bins can block you. If you are blocked, you will lose.

The shop

You can buy new items or upgrade something in the shop. You can buy some new hats in the shop to decorate your zombies. However, it takes you some coins to buy them. For example, a blue hat requires 100 coins. A red hat requires 500 coins while a purple hat requires 800 coins. Besides, you can get some boosting items. You can use 800 coins to get double coin power in a round. You can spend 1500 coins to collect all the coins on your road with a magnet. In addition, you will have some special abilities in the shop including flying in the air, duplicating zombies with UFOs, and transforming into ninjas, rugby players, or giant zombies.