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Backrooms open up into a closed space simulation that is tightly surrounded by walls and doors. Can you survive and escape from this scary space?

Backrooms Space

If you play Tetris, blocks with many different shapes will be the outstanding feature. When you participate in the Backrooms game, the space is a prominent feature in the gaming world.

When mentioning Backrooms, players immediately remember a closed space with yellow tones. The entire space is covered with yellow walls and mysterious doors. There aren't any windows, so you can't recognize your position or observe the outside space. An atmosphere of frustration and fear covers the entire Backrooms game.

How to Play Backrooms

Players may be curious about how to play this horror game with a scary closed space. Let's learn about the main gameplay of this Backrooms game!

Main Ways to Play in Closed Spaces

When entering a Backrooms match, players can observe the space from a first-person perspective. You can move and explore the surrounding space. While moving, you need to pay attention to surrounding dangers through sound. Run now before these dangers find you!

How To Win Backrooms

To win this horror game, players need to find a way out through their eyes. Find doors with magical lights that take you to a safe area.