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Thousands of blocks with different shapes in Tetris are waiting for you to arrange! Make complete lines to score points and avoid filling up your board.

The Classic Tetris Version

There are many different versions of Tetris. For example, you can play the Neon Tetris version on our website to enjoy eye-catching online graphics. New versions will always bring a unique feature to Tetris fans. However, the classic version is always the most popular version because it offers the most memorable experiences.

The version on our website is the classic version with outstanding features in graphic design, color and gameplay. The only difference is the level of Tetris. You can choose the appropriate level from 1 to 10. There is no limit to the players to choose and play Tetris. The only note for players is to follow the typical gameplay of this game: arranging blocks.

Online Blocks Arrangement

The main task of Tetris players is to arrange blocks into appropriate positions.

How To Arrange Blocks

To arrange blocks, players simply use the arrow keys to control them.

  • When you use the arrows, you can rotate the block.
  • Using the down arrow allows blocks to drop faster.
  • The left and right arrows are used to move the block left and right.

With these arrow keys, you can move blocks to appropriate positions.

Tetris Proper Positions

This Tetris game requires players to form a complete line, so you need to arrange blocks of compatible shapes close together. This is the most suitable location for all blocks.