Blossom Word Game

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Play Blossom Word Game and use the available letters to create the longest words possible. Your words will create colorful blooms for each day!

How To Play Blossom Word Game

This online game belongs to the puzzle genre like Slide Fit, so players need to use their own strategies to win the game. However, any strategy needs to follow regulations.

Rules To Blossom Words

This Blossom Word Game will provide 7 letters with different roles.

  • First, the central letter is required in all words. Each day, Blossom Word Game has only a single central letter.
  • Second, letters with yellow borders help you increase points for each standard word. The yellow border letters can change after each word is filled in.
  • Finally, the remaining letters have the same role. You can use or not use any letters you desire.

When playing Blossom Word Game, all players need to comply with these rules of the game.

The End Of Blossom Word Game

This word game will end when you find 12 words that meet the standards. These 12 words must have at least 4 letters and meet all of the above standards.

Because this Blossom Word Game is a daily game, each day there are only 7 unique letters for you to challenge. Once successful, you can replay or play the challenges of previous days. It is impossible to play before the next days.

Score for Successful Words

This Blossom Word Game game calculates points based on the number of letters you use in each word. Each 4-letter word will give you 2 points. The number of points will increase according to the number of letters. For example, you will receive 4 points for 5-letter word, 6 points for 6-letter word, 12 points for 7-letter word, and each additional letter will add 3 points to you.

In particular, if your word uses yellow-edged letters, you will receive 5 extra points for each letter.