Slide Fit

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Slide Fit is a puzzle game where you move blocks of different shapes to positions near circles of the same color. It can be simple but also be challenging.

Slide Fit Gameplay

Welcome to this new board game where blocks become the players' challenge! It is not easy to move these blocks.

Principle of Moving Blocks

You can move Slide Fit blocks regardless of color. Any block of any color can be swapped.

However, the principle here is to change the positions of the blocks for each other, so you need to ensure the size requirements. If you move horizontally, you need to make sure the width of the blocks is equal. On the contrary, if you move vertically, the vertical sizes of the blocks have to be equal.

When ensuring this requirement of the Slide Fit game, you can use your mouse to change the position of the blocks.

The Goal Of Slide Fit

Players need to move blocks to meet the final task: Place the block in the correct position. To determine the exact location, players need to rely on the color of blocks and circles. When the block and circle of the same color are placed next to each other, it is time for you to complete Slide Fit's puzzle.

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