Bubble Cat Rescue

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About Bubble Cat Rescue

Enjoy the cat version of the bubble shooter game in Bubble Cat Rescue. Shoot to eliminate as many cat bubbles as possible in a ruled time to beat the game.

If you are keen on bubble games such as Bubble Witch Saga, this game can not be a tough challenge to you. You aim to rescue the cat by removing as many cat bubbles as possible. To remove this kind of bubble, you need to eliminate the bubbles in the surroundings first. After getting rid of the bubbles, new bubbles will drop. If new balls fill up your screen, you will lose. Try to remove as many cat bubbles as you can to get a high score. Note that each level only has a particular time. If you don't finish the game within this time, you lose.

Notable things about Bubble Cat Rescue

In the game, you will see bubbles with a variety of colors such as pink, green, blue, and yellow. In some special bubbles, there are some cats inside them. You need to look carefully and remove as many bubbles as possible.